Line-of-Business Applications

Are you looking for that perfect software solution but cannot find it anywhere? We can help. Whether a small portion of your business needs improvement or you need a system to run the whole thing, Decisive Computing has the answer.

Using proven technology and decades of experience helping small- and medium-sized businesses we deliver reliable results that work the way you want them to.

Our unique approach puts you in direct contact with the actual programmers so that your needs can be translated as quickly and accurately into results as possible.

Case Study - Logistics Company

Several years ago, this client approached us with a very specific need that no off-the-shelf software could handle. Their business involves shipping time-sensitive material around the world using a vast network of vendors. Coordinating all of this was becoming a nightmare and leaving mounds of paper in their office. So we set about automating as much of their business as possible while also making sure to maintain their competitive advantage of that "personal touch".

What we designed is a Windows-based desktop application using Microsoft SQL Server for data storage. All data is now entered directly into this system rather than their prior method of writing everything down on a sheet of paper first and then entering that same information into an unreliable Access database application that was prone to crashing and data corruption. Trust in the system is key and while it took a bit for them to really gain that trust, now that they have it there is no need to write things down - paper saved!

Their business also deals with a lot of faxes, and I mean, A LOT. So we were now faced with how to handle all of the incoming faxes that would traditionally get printed and stuffed in a file folder. Barcodes were the answer - all outgoing documents are now automatically barcoded by our system and read by an incoming fax processor so that now over 60% of incoming faxes are filed automatically. incoming faxes with no barcode or that otherwise cannot be auto-filed are put into a queue in our program that a user is assigned to check periodically and file manually. The bottom line - time and paper saved!

The final piece of this puzzle was to send data to their accounting system. Unfortunately, given the age of the system, that was no published and supported mechanism for this, so we figured out how it worked and now successfully post all of the Accounts Receivable and Inventory transactions directly to the accounting system with the click of a button.