HTTP Compression - why wouldn't you use it?

Why wouldn't you use compression?
 June 26, 2017

"NMS Mobile" App

Another successful project results in a mobile application for funeral directors.
 June 21, 2017

NuGet - The New "DLL Hell"

From my experience, NuGet is not the dependency panacea everyone was hoping.
 May 30, 2017

C# and the "nameof" and $ operators

Using both of these helps to reduce bugs
 May 18, 2017

SQL Server FILESTREAM and Windows 10

If you are a developer running SQL Server on Windows 10, keep reading...
 May 8, 2017

Executing Command Line Process from C# Code

Rare are the times when a command-line program is the only option. Read on if you find yourself facing that option...
 May 4, 2017

Contingency Fee...

While normal in construction projects, does the concept of a contingency fee belong in IT projects?
 December 14, 2016

System.IO.MemoryStream Quirks

Why I (Sometimes) Hate the API
 December 11, 2016

jQuery data API and the ListControl

This article shows how to use the jQuery data API with any ListControl-based object
 August 31, 2016

FormsAuthentication and FireFox

How a seemingly meaningless setting can cause users to not be able to authenticate using Mozilla FireFox.
 February 9, 2016

The Joy of Custom Attributes languages allow custom attributes to be defined to decorate your code. I use them all the time and will explain why...
 January 21, 2016

TypeScript: Why I Will Now Use It For All JavaScript Programming

After trying TypeScript for the first time, I will never go back to programming JavaScript without it!
 January 15, 2016

My Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

My three favorite extensions for Visual Studio 2015 - Web Essentials, Spell checker and Power Tools
 November 30, 2015

My Three Favorite Language Features of C# 6

String interpolation, property initializers and static class member referencing are my three favorites so far...
 August 22, 2015

Multiple-Choice Enums

This article discusses how to create an Enum that allow more than one value.
 April 25, 2015

Has Microsoft "Jumped the Shark"?

Microsoft .net framework 5 will be open source. This both scares and terrifies me. Read on to find out why...
 March 12, 2015

Google Maps Stops Working

A possible reason why your Google Maps code may have stopped working recently.
 February 23, 2015

Reading Corrupt Data

Ever have an old Access or Excel data set with one or more corrupt rows? Learn how to import it...
 February 3, 2015

Duplicating Code And Why I (Try To) Avoid It

Copy and paste is easy and very tempting, especially when time is tight. But is duplicating code the right choice?
 January 23, 2015

Convert a Delimited String in T-SQL

Learn how to convert a delimited string into a table with one row for each item in the string.
 January 6, 2015

Modify All Elements in a Collection With A Single Line of Code

A truly elegant way to modify each element in a collection
 January 6, 2015

ControlState vs ViewState

What is ControlState and When Do I Use It? Musings from server control development...
 January 3, 2015

My Comments on Comments

Do you find commenting your code bothersome?
 January 3, 2015

Generic Dictionary and Resetting All Values

I thought it was simple to reset all the values in a .net generic dictionary. But I ran into a snag...
 December 26, 2014

Boxing and Unboxing - And Some Solutions

We all cast objects to their proper type while coding, but at what cost.
 December 23, 2014

Validate a Telerik RadTreeView

This article shows how to make sure one or more nodes are checked on a Telerik RadTreeView control.
 December 23, 2014

Validating a List of Checkboxes

A custom server control that requires one or more items in a CheckBoxList to be selected.
 December 22, 2014

Simple Way to Create Delimited String

Are You Tired of Creating Delimited Strings? Read on...
 December 21, 2014

Parse Microsoft Core Providers in SQL Server

The Microsoft.Providers.Core.Profile code converts data stored in SQL Server into object properties. Sometimes you need that same information directly in SQL itself. Learn how...
 December 21, 2014

Index Foreign Key Columns?

Should a column on the Foreign Key Table side of a relationship be indexed?
 December 21, 2014

Give Your Enums a Friendly Name

If you have ever wanted to bind an enum directly to a list but want the user to see something other than enum names, read on...
 December 21, 2014

Get Enum Values In Code Order

Learn how to list enum values in code order instead of value order.
 December 21, 2014


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